Matthew & Cherie Coddington
“Glenwood” 39R Dilladerry Road
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Client Merino Sheep Classing Service

At  Roseville Park, we offer a FREE client sheep classing service.

We are also only too happy to assist you with all of your private grade and auction ram selections. Clients have found that by using Matthew Coddington to class their sheep that they can make big gains in a short period of time and produce a more even line of sheep with better structure,wool quality and quantity. They also find that Matthew’s knowledge of sheep management to improve lambing percentages that he has learnt over the years of running his own business, chairing industry related boards and working with industry consultants at AWI, NSW DPI and MLA very beneficial as well.

On Farm Visits Help Make Breeding Decisions

I travel overlarge parts of Australia classing client’s sheep.

These on farm visits also help me to drive my breeding decisions because of the feedback that I am getting from you. I am seeing some fantastic results occur at farms in a very short time. A common observation is increases in fleece weights at a lower micron, and increases in ewe weights on a moderate frame and increased weaning rates. Over the hooks dressing percentages are very high for a Merino. These sheep are also easy care because of fly strike and water resistance due to their exceptional wool quality.

Free Ram Delivery

All deliveries of rams purchased at our On Property sale, Hamilton Ram Sale and Dubbo National Ram Sale can be arranged by us.

We will pay for the transport of the stock to a convenient drop-off point or to your property by our approved livestock carrier. The purchased rams must be insured by the purchaser at the fall of the hammer before delivery can take place. 

Surplus Sheep Marketing

We would also like to assist in any way that we can with the marketing of your surplus sheep.

Roseville Park blood ewes can be sold for a premium and this year’s store sheep sales are a good indicator of this. We have many repeat buyers of surplus ewes that require large lines of replacement breeders that are specifically requesting Roseville Park bloodlines because of their reputation as being good dams and good wool producers.

Understanding Merino Breeding Systems

Understanding the role that genetics plays in a Merino based breeding system is not easy. 

Roseville Park supplies all raw data as well as Australian Breeding Sheep Values on each ram sold at our On-property Merino ram sale and Merino stud auctions to help with your merino ram selection. We have been collecting this data since 1999. We annually run a workshop to assist you in understanding ABSV’s before our Annual On-property ram sale. Let us know if you would like to be involved in our workshop, or alternately we can visit your farm and help you out

Ram Replacement Guarantee

Merino Rams are guaranteed for structural soundness and fertility until they have completed their first joining, we will replace the merino ram or give you credit up to the value of that  Merino ram at auction.The only stipulation is that a vet certificate will be required on the death, illness or infertility of a ram.

Getting the Most out of your genetic investment – The ten point plan to looking after your rams.

  1. Points to Consider to Maximize the investment that you have made in your rams.
  2. Shear your Rams every 6 months.
  3. Do not run your young rams with old rams to reduce bullying and injuries from fighting.
  4. Keep your rams in Condition Score 3 + all year round.
  5. Do major management operations such as shearing, toe cutting and horn cutting, 6-8 weeks before joining. Semen takes 6 weeks to form and mature.
  6. If your rams need supplementary feeding. Introduce them gradually on to feed and do not feed them “add-lib” on Barley or wheat. It is recommended that a mix of Lupins/oatsat 30:70 ratio be fed at about 500 grams/day so as not to “cook” the ram and raise body temperature to make the ram infertile.
  7. Provide adequate fresh water and shade to your rams pre-joining to keep body temperature down in the summer months.
  8. Ensure rams are drenched at strategic times, Clik applied to the polls 8 weeks before joining and a yearly booster of 6in 1 Vaccine is given.
  9. All rams should pass a physical examination of testicles for lumps, formation and tone before joining.
  10. Time your joining to avoid heatwaves and use the natural breeding season of Merino sheep(Feb-April) to gain higher fertility.
  11. Ensure that you have adequate numbers of rams at joining. Join mature rams to young ewes.Immature rams tend to have smaller testes size and have lower sperm production, so a minimum of 2-3% joining should be used.

Client Results
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