Matthew & Cherie Coddington
“Glenwood” 39R Dilladerry Road
Dubbo NSW 2830 Australia

Our Sheep

Our sheep run in a wide open, natural landscape environment with 80% of the country being undulating and covered in native pastures.

20% of the country is made up of heavy creek flats with improved pastures for growing out young stock. Each year 1400 rams are grazed as two mobs rotating through paddocks in a commercial environment up until their first measurements for fleece weight, muscle depth and fat depth at 10 months of age.

After these measurements have been taken, the rams are then classed and prepared for the selling season. Physical structure is very important in the functionality of the sheep as is the wool and skin type of the sheep for productivity and easy care attributes.

The non-negotiables are- That all ewes must rear a lamb and are not given a second chance and there is zero tolerance for fleece rot or dermatitis in the flock. Being a Merino Stud and not having a wether enterprise means that the ewe hogget’s are at the bottom of the “pecking order”.

They must prove themselves by being run under harder conditions and being ran in large mob sizes. Ewes that cant thrive in this system are also culled as constitution is very important for these ewes to thrive and produce a fleece and wean a lamb..

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