Matthew & Cherie Coddington
“Glenwood” 39R Dilladerry Road
Dubbo NSW 2830 Australia



This was the year that Mr Charles Coddington, a man with ideas and a vision of building the finest sheep stud in Australia, came to Australia from England.

He selected a block of good grazing land at Murrumburrah, which is on the Currawong Creek in the southwest slopes of NSW. He set about breeding his Merino sheep which were of Canonbah blood. Soon he was showing his sheep at local shows at Young and Murrumburrah and these sheep were Grand Champions.

His son W.J Coddington followed in his father’s footsteps and in 1903, he purchased his own property, “Granite View” at Murrumburrah. W.J Coddington bred Merino sheep, having purchased a Snowy Ram from Sir Walter Merriman. These Merinos were shown at local shows in Young, Murrumburrah and Condobolin also with great success.


One of WJ Coddington’s sons, George, purchased a property at Kingsvale called “Roseville” in 1928. Having purchased Wanganella Estate rams, George established his flock of Merinos. In 1938, George purchased his first stud ewes and registered Roseville Merino Stud. The Stud went on to become one of the most successful studs in the state. It won one of the earliest known wether trials at Cootamundra three years in succession in the late 1940’s. It beat other southern studs including the Merryville Stud from which George had bought 5 rams between the years 1942-50.


George Coddington and his family moved to Narromine and continued his stud success by winning the Bathurst Gold Cup for Grand Champion ram, twice.

In an endeavour to increase size and wool cut in his new environment, George purchased eight Haddon Rig rams between the years 1958 – 1975.


Another Merryville ram was purchased to continue the Merryville, Haddon Rig cross. This ram ML2 was a descendant of Snowy Monarch and had a significant impact on thestud.


George’s sons Robert and Graham purchased the stud and they began trading as Roseville Merino Stud. In 1979 on the dispersal of the Manderley Stud at Cooma, which was based on Wonga and Koonwarra “Uniforms”, Graham and Robert purchased 160 special stud ewes and the top 120 special stud ram lambs for the Roseville Stud. Only two Manderley families were introduced into the Roseville Flock;these were the now famous Purple family and the Little John family.


The Purple Family was formed at Manderley Stud in 1969 by the selection of 100 double stud medium wool ewes from the Wonga Family who were then crossed with 2 Koonwarra Merino Stud Rams from their Uniform Family. Two rams were selected from the resulting progeny and they became the nucleus of the Purple family. These rams were joined with sisters and half-sister’s and their progeny retained the great size and wool growing capacity of the Wonga’s, plus the white waterproof wool of the Uniforms.


Graham and Sally sold the property at Narromine and moved to the current property of “Glenwood”, 35km south of Dubbo. The stud partnership between Robert and Graham was dissolved in 1987 and Robert re-named his half of the stud East Roseville and Graham registered the Roseville Park Merino Stud, Flock Number 4166.


On the first of July 2005, Graham and Sally’s son Matthew, at the age of 32 with his wife Cherie,purchased the Roseville Park Merino Stud, and the properties Glenwood, Springwood, Lower Glenwood and Currawarra. Matthew, is now keen as the fifth generation owner of the stud, to carry on the fine family tradition of breeding top Merino sheep. Matthew and Cherie have five children, Savannah, Tessa, Charlie, Amelia and Timothy.

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