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Benchmarking- Keep in mind a great quote from W. Edwards Deming: “In God we trust, everyone else must bring data.”

At Roseville Park, the Coddington family have always benchmarked their genetics to the merino industry. Ever since George Coddington won one of the earliest known wether trials at Cootamundra three years in succession in the late 1940’s Roseville Park sheep have always shown their proven genetic predictability and ability to lift grower’s bottom line.

Having won the most prestigious awards and gained the top prices and averages at the major events around the country we have proven that our sheep have stood up to and succeeded against some very tough opponents.

Sheep Genetics- Merinoselect

Sheep genetics is underpinned by best practice quality assurance system for data entry, accuracy and genetic linkage before breeding values are published. Matthew Coddington has served two terms on the founding Advisory Committees of Sheep Genetics as an Industry expert.

Roseville Park is using Merino select to improve breeding values (ASBV’s) to maintain micron and increase fleece weight, body weight, reproduction, eye muscle depth , staple strength, worm resistance and genetic fat depth.

Central Test Sire Evaluation

The graph above shows the consistent performance of all of Roseville Park sires used in Sire Evaluations since 1990.

We have entered sires into central test Sire evaluation since it’s inception and have found it a very useful tool for comparing our sires with hundreds of Australia’s top sires.

Sire evaluation is an independent evaluation of merino sires and offers a high level of assurance in the integrity of data collected and the corresponding estimation of sire performance.

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