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Poll Merino Sires

The Poll Merino Stud Breeding Objective

The Poll Merino Flock is driven in a direction with more emphasis on figures and breeding values. We were one of the first Merino studs to identify and start to measure for fat and muscle depth back in 1999 and recognized it’s benefits through the millennium drought. The underlying physicality and functionality of the sheep has always been classed based heavily on visual selection, but sire selection has been based more on trait leading ASBV’s for rapid early growth, improved carcass quality and increased fertility, lamb survival and worm resistance. The main genetic measured traits focused on are genetic fat, muscle, yearling and post weaning growth and high fleece weights with good worm resistance figures.

“80% of the most Important Traits… We Can’t see!”

We are breeding a sheep that has never existed until recently, it does not look like a traditional Merino because it is not.

It is a Modern Poll Merino sheep that is at the leading edge of carcass traits, growth and reproductive capacity, all delivered on a sheep that has lower labour requirements and feeding costs. The things that you can’t see in a sheep are often the most important maternal traits- Reproduction rates, mothering performance, fat, muscle and internal parasite resistance are all key traits leading to a profitable Merino Enterprise. Measuring genomic DNA information allows us to see into these traits and identify Poll sires that will drive our industry forward.

Optimus prime family

Within the industry there are sires that tick all the boxes for growth, muscle, fat,number of lambs weaned, fleece weight and worm resistance.

For the past seven joining’s at Roseville Park, we have identified and used these rams in the yearly Embryo Transfer program over our leading Poll ewes that have had exceptional wool and body structure. These sires have been joined to 1,000 Poll ewes since 2014.

The top Ram Lambs have hit a massive 60 kg at 16 weeks of age out of these ewes. The ewe lambs make excellent mothers and could be used as Maternal breeders for prime lambs. A limited number of these rams have been available over the past three years, with numbers increasing every year. Adult ewes are weighing 81kg at CS 3.2 and are producing over 8 kg of 19 micron wool and 120% + lambing.

If you want more lambs, faster growth with Roseville Park wool quality and production don’t miss the – OPTIMUS PRIMES. It will TRANSFORM your flock.

Poll merino semen sires

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