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Export Sales & Services

Roseville Park sheep are ran in a very healthy and sustainable environment with a very high disease accreditation.

We have been Brucellosis accredited Free since 1982 and have been part of the Australian Market Assurance program for Ovine Johnes disease, being accredited and unvaccinated since 1999. Large numbers of frozen semen are collected annually from the top performing rams that are bred on the farm and large numbers of breeding stock are available for selection due to the size of the studs breeding flock. We have Merino, Poll Merino and Charollais Meat Sheep available on farm. Our team can also source quality genetics and sheep from other breeds of sheep and goats as well to fill government and private export orders. We have experience in developing government health protocols and markets into countries that have not previously exported sheep from Australia. The Roseville Park Export team provides an End to End service in managing and facilitating all live exports for breeding livestock. We have a record of 100% survival rates and zero injuries, as all livestock are air freighted in air conditioned cargo planes and accompanied by one of our team from departure to arrival. We also utilise low stress stock handling techniques. Our team can also be on hand for delivery and training of the new owners when the sheep arrive at their overseas destination to enable a smooth transition of the livestock into their new environment. We are empowering global communities and improving the livelihoods and prosperity of international farmers by increasing the production, labour efficiency and income streams by supplying superior genetics to developing overseas markets. This in turn enables farming communities to provide better housing, education and health care due to the improvements that we have been able to demonstrate with the genetics that we have provided.

The Roseville Park Merino Stud Company has the capacity to fill export markets for stud and commercial enterprises with breeding stock and genetics through the sale of:

  • Live Rams for breeding purposes*
  • Live Ewes for breeding purposes*
  • Frozen Semen.*
  • Frozen Embryos.*
  • Livestock handling equipment*
  • Artificial breeding equipment*
*Prices and availability are at the discretion of Roseville Park Merino Stud Pty Ltd.

Training of overseas customers

The Roseville Park Merino Stud Company has the capacity to supply training, expertise and equipment in Australia and Overseas to sheep breeders, scientists, geneticists and industry bodies on.

  • Sheep measurement technology, supply and utilisation
  • Sheep selection techniques
  • Sheep Nutrition and management
  • Farm business management
  • Sheep husbandry and animal welfare
  • Artificial Breeding techniques

Semen sires available for the export of frozen semen

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