Matthew & Cherie Coddington
“Glenwood” 39R Dilladerry Road
Dubbo NSW 2830 Australia


Andrew Green

Andrew Green has won the Boorowa Maiden ewe competition 4 times in the past seven attempts and attributes his success to his strong focus on fertility and fleece weight.He aims for an average lambing percentage of 110-115% and is focusing on producing more twin lambs. His ewes average 7.5kg of 18.5 micron wool. He says,” The Roseville Park sheep have big heavy cutting, low micron sheep with high fertility which is what we are aiming for”.

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Mick and Barb Davis

Myandetta Station, Bourke NSW

Mick & Barb Davis farm in Western NSW at Myandetta Station near Bourke. Mick is passionate about the Poll Merino fibre…

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Peter & Jenny McIntyre

The Rams & Ewes have arrived safely and are looking good, thank you. I was pleased with all three of the rams, particularly the one that you helped me pick out on the day after the sale, and the two bought at auction were better than I expected, (or remembered them to be.)

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Mark McGinneskin

“Within three years of changing bloodlines to Roseville Park genetics, we have had an increase in fleece weights by one kilogram, body weights increased by 10KG and weaning rates increased by 10% across the whole flock.”

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Ken and Jan Heywood

We buy Roseville Park genetics because they are a long established parent stud. We have the chance to buy some of the best genetics in the industry. Roseville Park sheep produce bright, lustrous, heavy cutting, good testing wool that is water proof on a big frame with some of the largest body weights in the industry.

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Brian and Lyne Seaman

We buy Roseville Park genetics because of sheep size for micron and the wool type suits our country and rainfall. We have zero fleece rot. Roseville Park sheep have improved the wool type by selecting for crimp definition which in turn has reduced micron and increased fleece weights.

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