Matthew & Cherie Coddington
“Glenwood” 39R Dilladerry Road
Dubbo NSW 2830 Australia

Breeding Philosophy

At Roseville Park, our breeding philosophy is to breed a Merino sheep that ticks all of the boxes for functionality, disease resistance and profitability with no exceptions. A lot of traits within the Merino breed are very antagonistic. Within the Merino industry, we have identified outliers and “Game Changers” that complement our flock and drive us towards our ultimate breeding objective of producing a sheep that has the following measured attributes.

  • High Yearling Body weights
  • High Clean Fleece weights
  • High Yearling Muscle depth
  • High Yearling Fat
  • Below average Fibre Diameter
  • Below average worm egg counts
  • High Number of Lambs Weaned

More = Less

In the Roseville Park stud ewe flock, I have been able to achieve 8.3 – 8.86KG average fleece weights in the past five years and have an average micron of a neat 18.0.

When these ewes were weighed in condition score 3.2 at weaning, 2,200ewes weighed an average 81kg. The best mob of ewes averaged 92kg and weaned lambs at an average weight of 42kg.

The worst mob of ewes averaged 77kg with a condition score of 2.5 and weaned 31 kg lambs. This just shows you that to produce more- you may actually have to run less! Better condition score throughout the year will produce more wool, lambs and meat with less worm burden’s.You need to feed your sheep and manage them really well to let them show you their true genetic potential.

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