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  • 16th Sept 2021, Roseville Park On-Property Merino & Poll Merino Ram Sale- Offering 220 Rams. Sale 12.30PM Dubbo NSW

Roseville Park Merino Stud is one of Australia’s leading seedstock Merino ram producer’s.

At Roseville Park, we offer you a quality genetic package taking the guess work out of your ram selection by providing you with a guaranteed article backed up by facts not fiction. Roseville Park constantly benchmark their sheep and are industry leaders at shows, Sales, Sheep Genetics (ASBV’s) and Central test sire Evaluation.

Roseville Park prides itself on being ‘ahead of the times’ by being the first to adopt and implement Industry initiatives on Merino Breeding and Genetic Selection which are coupled with over five generations of ram breeding experience. See what we do that others don’t and see why our clients run profitable Merino enterprises by producing more quality wool, more meat and more lambs.





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Another cracking Lamb ad launched this week by Meat and Livestock Australia ... See MoreSee Less
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And the results are in for our latest 6 month shearing of 4700 adult ewes. Average length of 60 mm while rearing lambs through the winter. Average micron 17.7 with a 70% average yield, 50 n/Kt staple strength. Fleece wool selling this week for $13.75/kg greasy ($19.93 /kg clean) and averaged $2565/bale. Gross fleece value for the year $115.16/ head $806/ha at 7 DSE/ha. #wool #fleece #fleeceperformance #ProfitableSheep ... See MoreSee Less
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When reading the Financial Review we came across an article that talks about a new technology that has been developed by Australian company Growave which has the potential to dramatically increase the production of organic fruit, vegetables and wines. How? By blasting microwaves into the soil to kill weeds and fungi before they become established, eliminating the need for herbicides! It goes on to explain how recent trials in Victoria found that this technology destroyed 95% of fungal disease, making it far more effective than herbicides. Read more here: ... See MoreSee Less
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Ewe lamb lambing at the moment for the 2020 drop ewes. Joined at 8-10 months old. #flockrebuild #merino #wool ... See MoreSee Less
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