Mathew & Cherie Coddington
“Glenwood” 39R Dilladerry Road
Dubbo NSW 2830 Australia





Sire: RP16-2723
Dam: RP16-299 x RP13-0914

Micron: 18.4
SD: 2.8
CV: 15.2
DOB: May 2019
ASBV’s: June 2020

CF: 99.9%
Body weight: 15/06/20 – 110.5 K
Fat: 3.5mm
EMD: 35mm

CFW: +33*
FD: -1.6
YEMD: -1.4
YFAT: -1.7
MP: +181*
DP: +167*


RP19-0006 weighed 46kg at weaning, which was 460 grams/ day weight gain and at 10 months old he produced an 8.43Kg fleece of 17.9 micron. He was the heaviest body weight horned ram of the drop at 13months of age. RP19-0006 is a very square, robust, and correct animal. He has a soft broad muzzle and a good strong horn setting, allowing for the desired sirey outlook. RP19-0006 is well nourished with long white, waxy 64’s count styled wool. He is an industry trait leader in the top 1-5% of the breed for Clean Fleece Weight, Dual Purpose + and MP+.

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