Matthew & Cherie Coddington
“Glenwood” 39R Dilladerry Road
Dubbo NSW 2830 Australia





Sire: RP17-3116 x Charinga Doc XL
Dam: RP13-400

Micron: 19.5
SD: 3.0
CV: 15.4
DOB: May 2019
ASBV’s: June 2021

CF: 99.9%
Body weight: 15/06/20 – 100 KG  135KG 15/06/21
Fat: 4mm
EMD: 46mm

CFW: +43*
FD: -2.04
YEMD: -0.4
YFAT: -1.0
MP: +210*
DP: +203*


Roseville Park semen sire. RP19-0076 won the Supreme Merino Exhibit at the NSW State Sheep Show in Dubbo 2021.
He is a full ET Brother to Dubbo Lot 3 2021 and to our two high profiled semen sires RP19-0072 & RP19-0081.
A real all-purpose type ram who weighed 52Kg at weaning, which was 520 grams/day weight gain and at 10 months old produced a 9.06Kg Fleece of 18 micron and 46 mm for muscle depth. After joining in Summer as an 18-month-old ram, he produced a 7.11Kg fleece for 6 months growth. RP19-0076 has a broad, deep body, with a deep jaw which shows his capacity to grow and survive. He has a soft high yielding, lustrous fine/medium wool that has terrific sheen. He is in the top 0.5-1% of the breed for Clean Fleece Weight, MP+ and Dual Purpose Plus Indexes. RP19-0076 is a PP Poll gene carrier. A great ram choice to breed ewes to join as lambs.

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