Mathew & Cherie Coddington
“Glenwood” 39R Dilladerry Road
Dubbo NSW 2830 Australia





Sire: RP17-3116 x Charinga Doc XL
Dam: RP13-400 x Eclipse (9-14)

Micron: 17.4
SD: 2.7
CV: 15.5
DOB: May 2019
ASBV’s: June 2020

CF: 99.8%
Body weight: 15/06/20 – 104.5 K
Fat: 4mm
EMD: 38mm

CFW: +46*
FD: -1.9
YEMD: -0.4
YFAT: -1.4
MP: +215*
DP: +204*


This sire’s dam just keeps on smashing it out of the park with the progeny that she can turn off at the very top end of the stud and the Merino industry as a whole. She has produced 19 progeny and has had the leading Poll sire at the stud for three years in a row having bred RP17-1133 (Lot 1 Dubbo 2019) RP18-0043 (Lot 1 Dubbo 2020) and now these three Poll sires which we are struggling to separate out which is the best ram. RP19-0072 has the best combination of raw and measured data which places him in the top 0.5% of the breed. He is also the sweetest wool ram of the three rams that we have put aside to collect semen from and is a 64’s type. His weaning weight was a whopping 60KG which shows the maternal punch behind the genetics of these rams which is a massive 600 grams per day up until weaning. His 10 month old fleece weight was a staggering 11.35Kg at 17.4 micron. If you want Fleece weight, Functionality, Fast Growth and Figures, this ram ticks all those boxes.


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