Mathew & Cherie Coddington
“Glenwood” 39R Dilladerry Road
Dubbo NSW 2830 Australia





Sire: Willandra GP
Dam: RP13-400 x “Eclipse” 9-14 (POLL)
Fleece tests: 12 Month
Micron: 19.3
SD: 2.5
CV: 13.0

FAT: 3.5mm
CF: 99.9%
Body weight: 100Kg (12 Months)
DOB:May 2018


When I bred Poll semen sire RP17-1133, I thought he was a one off “freak”. I picked out his mother RP13-400, and put her into the 2018 ET program and got 9 live lambs on the ground- All “freaks”. They were massive at weaning and showed exceptional early growth. No other dam has passed on such a prolific birth to weaning and post weaning growth spread as this maternal powerhouse. RP18-0043 was the pick of this year’s Poll lamb drop and I have 6 full brothers and sisters to him in the ram shed at the moment. His weaning weight was 53Kg at 15 weeks old. His 9 month old fleece weight was double the average of the drop in this year’s drought at 7.1kg. He has already been shown to success at the 2019 NSW State sheep show where he was the Medium wool champion and Grand Champion March shorn ram overall. He was also part of the Interbreed milk tooth group representing the Merinos with his two full sisters. He is a double copy PP poll gene carrier. RP18-0043 has the six P’s- Phenotype, Pedigree, Poll Factor, Performance, Predictability and Profitability, making him the definite satisfaction sire at every level.


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