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“Glenwood” 39R Dilladerry Road
Dubbo NSW 2830 Australia

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17th September 2020 Thursday Roseville Park Merino Stud  On-Property Ram Sale

Inspection 9.30am Sale to start at 1pm at 39R Dilladerry rd Wambangalang.

Offering 170 Merino & Poll Merino Rams – (99 Horns & 76 Polls)

Roseville Park On-property Ram Sale will be interfaced with Auction Plus. All 175 rams will have a short video & photo of their wool plus all their sale data on Auctions Plus.

I recently watched the Wagga Dog Auction and I personally found their pre-auction system really good when I was trying to select and buy a sheep dog so I decided to use the same format for our Ram Sale to give buyers more time for their decision making process.

Therefore, We have implemented the same system –

Pre-Bidding on AuctionPlus will start on Saturday 12th September through to 9am Sale Day 17th September.

Auctions Plus then will open the online bidding again at the Physical Auction at our property ram sale Day 17th September at 1pm. (NSW Time)

  • The on-property sale will start lots at the pre-bid price if pre-sale bids have been placed.
  • If there are no further bids from pre-auction bids at the live physical sale the ram will be knocked down to the Auction Plus Bidder.
  • Bids can still be made through Auctions Plus in the normal bid increments on individual lots as they are being sold at the Physical open-cry auction.
  • With the Auction Plus premium package, you will also be able to see and hear the auction live as each lot is being sold.
  • The pre-bid option, gives you a chance to study the auction catalogue & bid while not under the pressure of bidding online during the actual sale.
  • If this system does not suit you we can arrange one of the following people to bid on your behalf at the ram sale;
Matthew Coddington0428 635 386
Stuart Murdoch (RP Classer)0427 437 103
Brad Wilson (Nutrien)0417 467 911
Scott Thrift (Elders)0417 660 260
Brett Cooper (AWN)0407 136 129
Tom Pollard (Peter Milling Dubbo)0499 823 544


  • Sept 17th 2020 On-property Ram Sale Dubbo NSW
  • Sept 16th 2021 On property Ram Sale Dubbo NSW

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