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Roseville Park Merino Stud is one of Australia's leading seedstock Merino ram producer's. At Roseville Park, we offer you a quality genetic package that takes the guess work out of your ram selection by providing you with a guaranteed article backed up by facts not fiction.. Roseville Park constantly benchmark their sheep and are industry leaders at shows , Sales, Sheep Genetics (ASBV's) and Central test sire Evaluation.Roseville Park prides itself on being 'ahead of the times" by being the first to adopt and implement Industry initiatives on Merino Breeding and Genetic Selection which are coupled with over five generations of ram breeding experience.See what we do that others don't and see why our clients run profitable Merino enterprises by producing more quality wool, more meat and more lambs.  More....



Matt's Matters

NSW State Sheep Show 2016

Monday, May 02, 2016
We won the Supreme Merino exhibit at NSW State Sheep Show with our Poll sire RP14-0019. He was the youngest ever ram to be entered in Central Test sire evaluation at 7 months old in the Balmoral and Jugiong sites.