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“Glenwood” 39R Dilladerry Road
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  • 17-19 July Aust. Sheep & Wool show Bendigo
  • 3rd-4th Aug Hamilton Sheepvention
  • 25-27th Aug Dubbo National Rams sales
  • 8th Sept South West Slopes Field Day
  • 17th Sept Roseville Park On-Property Sale

Roseville Park Merino Stud is one of Australia’s leading seedstock Merino ram producer’s.

At Roseville Park, we offer you a quality genetic package that takes the guess work out of your ram selection by providing you with a guaranteed article backed up by facts not fiction.. Roseville Park constantly benchmark their sheep and are industry leaders at shows , Sales, Sheep Genetics (ASBV’s) and Central test sire Evaluation.

Roseville Park prides itself on being ‘ahead of the times” by being the first to adopt and implement Industry initiatives on Merino Breeding and Genetic Selection which are coupled with over five generations of ram breeding experience. See what we do that others don’t and see why our clients run profitable Merino enterprises by producing more quality wool, more meat and more lambs.





Social News

We have just completed another 5 month shearing. The next shearing in October will be with 7 months wool after weaning. Better condition scores with the twice a year shearing in the drought = better conception and lambing %. With plenty of grass on hand at the moment there will be zero disturbance at lambing time in May/June= even more lambs! ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago  ·  

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Some recent results reported from the Macquarie Merino Lifetime Project. It’s been interesting following the predictability of sire performance on the traits that they were selected to go into the project for. ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago  ·  

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Our biggest event yet for the National School Wether comp pickup with over 200 students from across NSW attending today to pick up their Egelabra blood wethers to show at the Rabobank Dubbo National Ram sale in August. Students also did mini workshops on Agricultural Careers, nutrition, fleece judging and sheep selection using measured and visual appraisal. Thanks to all those involved for a successful day. ... See MoreSee Less

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We blade shore our 9-10 month old March shorns yesterday with 3D shearing and Grant Judd on the blades. With ram lambs cutting up to 12 kg skirted and ewe lambs cutting up to 10kg with big body weights, we have a pretty exciting team this year.3D had another great day on the blades! We were at Roseville Park Merino’s and we love being able to work with some of Australia’s leading merino studs 🐏👑 #merinostuds #bladeshearing #australiansheep #shearers ... See MoreSee Less

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I spent last week classing sheep and visiting clients in Victoria from as far north as Swifts Creek to as far south as Rokewood. From six month shearing to joining ewe lambs are some of the exciting things these clients have been doing for a number of years now. ... See MoreSee Less

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