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Roseville Park Merino Stud is one of Australia’s leading seedstock Merino ram producer’s.

At Roseville Park, we offer you a quality genetic package that takes the guess work out of your ram selection by providing you with a guaranteed article backed up by facts not fiction.. Roseville Park constantly benchmark their sheep and are industry leaders at shows , Sales, Sheep Genetics (ASBV’s) and Central test sire Evaluation.

Roseville Park prides itself on being ‘ahead of the times” by being the first to adopt and implement Industry initiatives on Merino Breeding and Genetic Selection which are coupled with over five generations of ram breeding experience. See what we do that others don’t and see why our clients run profitable Merino enterprises by producing more quality wool, more meat and more lambs.





Social News

Drone technology pasture mapping with the assistance of our on farm research with Sydney Uni on the two paddocks where we have been running 1,000 rams at 50 DSE/ ha. We noted that after 10 ml of rain in one week the oat crop actually increased in feed quality even at that stocking rate. ... See MoreSee Less

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Taking just under1,000 TSUs this week from our rams for genomic profiles, pedigree and horn/poll gene. ... See MoreSee Less

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I classed these 68kg one year old ewe lambs today for a long term client, Kelso Grazing near Forbes NSW, This flock marked 135% lambs last week. Producing an average fleece weight 7.8 kg 18.5 micron. Normally we class out 12%, but due to continuous high lambing rates we classed out 40% of this drop which will be shorn and sold for $330 NSM to the same buyer who buys these surplus ewes annually. The 2016 drop ewes will be shorn after weaning and have also been pre sold to another buyer who buys annually for $250. No need to sell on Auctions Plus. You will only see the results here. Body weight, fertility, fleece weight, financial freedom!! Not just selling one trait=balanced breeding and good management. ... See MoreSee Less

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For the last twelve months we have been carrying out on farm research of remote monitoring and prediction tools. This is one of three Walk Over Weighing systems recording real time data in the paddock removing the need to handle sheep in the yards. These 12 month old ram lambs have been running at 40-50 DSE for most of their lives, either in confinement or now on crop. This group of 583 ram lambs average 81 kg. In paddock and scientific data analysis is undertaken by the University of Sydney PhD student and Elders Wool and Livestock Production Advisor Greg Sawyer. #helpingotherfarmers #innovativefarmingsystems #MLA #sydneyuniversity ... See MoreSee Less

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Last years Poddy lamb “Oscar”. All grown up and not taking any crap from number four child, Millie #stayawayfrommyewe #oscarthegrouch ... See MoreSee Less

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